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This park of 30 acres is on the eastern edge of Chester off Caldy Valley Road, about a quarter of a mile down the road from the Sainsbury's store. It is owned by Chester City Council and is surrounded by new housing.

Whether you are regular visitors to the park, local residents waiting to discover its secrets or from further afield, please take some time to explore this web site.

Which is your favourite time of year in the park? We have a photographic tour to show off some of its autumn highlights.

If you are not familiar with Caldy Nature Park, why not have a look at our introduction page, which also has a map of the park.

Latest news appears on the News page. This includes some definite news about the planned improvements project for the park.

For more information see the Events page.


Next Events in the Park

For more details go to the Events page.

(If you don't see a list of forthcoming events this is due to your web browser's security settings)


Photos of the park

Click for more photos of Caldy Nature Park

These photographs are a random selection of ones which members of the public have stored on the internet using flickr, a popular web site for storing and sharing photographs. If you use flickr then please do join the Caldy Nature Park group and post your own photos of the park for everyone to enjoy.


Your subscriptions are due on 1st September. If you have not done so yet, please give your £4 to our Membership Secretary, Jacky Creswick. This year's subscription increase is the first since 1999. If you pay your subscription on Countryside Day we will give you a free hot dog.

Water Pollution

If at any time you see pollution in the brook, the Environment Agency has an emergency number you can phone for free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is 0800 80 70 60.

Dog Mess

It is most unpleasant when we have to clear up dog mess before we can put the tent up for one of our regular events. Children are at risk as they explore in the long grass on the Watch meetings. It is now generally accepted that owners should pick up the mess that their dogs make. Can you please help us by keeping dogs under control, and cleaning up the mess that they make. Be an environmentally friendly Pooper Scooper - Bag it and Bin it in the bins provided in the Nature Park. Our Yellow Sticks Campaign is designed to raise awareness of this problem.

Thank You.

Protect the Reed Beds

Moorhen Several well trodden paths have threatened to appear behind the reed bed at the back of the pond in the last couple of years, which is bad news for the birds like reed buntings and sedge warblers that nest in this area. The Working Party has taken steps to prevent access and give a definite message that the back of the pond is reserved for wildlife. This has not been entirely successful and walkers are squeezing through a gap - so if you see anyone walking at the back of the reed beds, could you ask them - nicely - to keep out of this area.

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